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The water to be used for the mass must have been certified by the managing body of the aqueduct; it must be analyzed annually, meet the parameters listed in point 4.5 below and obtain a
1. The Ministry of Transport shall publish information on the receipt of the first application for the granting of traffic rights on its official notice board, and at the same time, in a manner allowing remote access, within seven days of such receipt.
Under the previous regime, notifications to non-residents were effected by publication of a notice on the notice board of the commune (where the notification was to take place) and the time limit for appeal started to run eight days later, while residents

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In a case that reached the Supreme Court, it was not considered that there was a violation of the right to honor, due to the publication of a photo of a worker at a political rally. The reason was that the note did not indicate the name of the employee, but invited whoever saw the image to look for him, only those who knew him would know that they were referring to him. Moreover, these were opinions on a matter which, because of his position and his status as a union delegate, aroused the interest of other workers.
The Superior Court of Justice of Valencia in 2005 decided that there was no labor harassment due to the appearance on the company’s bulletin board of a photomontage of the cartoon Shreck with the worker’s face. Despite recognizing that it was a joke in bad taste, it was a custom that was carried out with all the workers and that lacked the entity to justify an action for termination of the contract.

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Technology has caused the gradual disappearance of paper CV’s and, when looking for jobs, resumes are sent through the job posting pages offered by the Internet.
It is common to see messages in which a candidate is sought for a very specific position and it is requested that they send an email with their CV and letter of recommendation and, at the same time, they ask for help (a RT) to reach a wider audience.
How? Among the most common ways is the option of joining groups and launching the offer, creating specific content for a sector to try to capture their attention and get them to enter our website and see the Career Site… There are many ways to attract talent through social networks.
This portal was founded in 1999. It is present in 11 countries, with more than 1500 sites and 115 thousand offers available. One factor that differentiates them is to offer an efficient mobile application so that their platform is available through different channels.

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Residence hall corridors, busy hallways, lobbies and kiosks usually have a cork board attached to them to facilitate the posting of notices. At some universities, light poles, bollards, trees, and walls become de facto places to leave messages when official bulletin boards are scarce.
Internet forums are becoming a global replacement for traditional announcements. An online bulletin board is sometimes referred to as a message board. The terms “bulletin board,” “message board,” or “Internet forum” are interchangeable, although some bulletin boards may contain several Internet forums or discussion groups. An online board can serve the same purpose as the physical board.
A Bulletin Board System or BBS (Bulletin Board System) is software for computer networks that allows users to connect to the system (via the Internet or via a telephone line) and using a terminal program (or telnet if via the Internet), perform functions such as downloading software and data, reading news, exchanging messages with other users, playing online games, reading bulletins, etc.

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