Cerro porteño – 1999 olimpia tri campeon

Fizzar is a website, which excites and organizes a community of thousands of users in several countries, under the challenge of demonstrating to the whole world that viralization on the Internet depends only on real, ordinary people.
The challenge is for users to viralize the Fizzar video in social networks. To do so, they must register for free in Fizzar and access the control panel where they will see the content to viralize and the money they get every time a friend sees the content.
To receive your money you only need your account to have accumulated a minimum of $20.00 Fizzar dollars. Thus, once you have reached that amount by sharing videos, the system will activate the “request earnings” button, which will allow you to transfer them to your bank account. Please note that to make this process effective, it is necessary to complete your user profile with all the requested data.
In Fizzar we only block accounts that are caught using fraudulent methods to accumulate views; if that is not your case, and you have been blocked by mistake, please let us know through our contact form.

Subscribers without bots~easy and fast~2015

Well friends let me tell you that you are in the right place because from this moment I will show you 4 sites “web pages” that will be responsible for bringing us all the visitors, likes subscriptions we want to our social networks.
This is the page is the first thing we will see and is where we must register, as you can see friends is a fairly large community also there are many exchanges that mean that you see a video and receive some points with which are the same that you will use for others to see your videos is very basic and most important of all is that it is totally free you do not need to invest a single dollar also we can also earn some extra money if you want but that I will explain later.
When you enter my pages you must select what you want to see for this case I put youtube views that are the videos that you have uploaded to the page, well friends here will be our control panel where we can see all the visits that has had our video, also control the credits as raise or lower the amount and finally if we consider that our video already had the necessary visits then proceed to disable it.

Como usar

Es fácil, simplemente añade la dirección de la página que quieres aumentar bajo el intercambio correspondiente. Mientras tengas créditos en tu cuenta y un CPC superior a “0”, los usuarios intercambiarán con tu página igual que tú lo haces con otros usuarios. Cuanto más alto sea el CPC (créditos por clic), más rápido verás los resultados.
También puedes hacer algo de dinero extra si tienes suficiente tiempo o no tienes nada que promocionar y quieres ganar algo de dinero. Para hacer algo de dinero extra todo lo que tienes que hacer es intercambiar con otras personas tanto como puedas. Cada vez que hagas clic en “Me gusta”, “Seguir” o “Ver”. Recibirás monedas que se pueden cambiar en DINERO REAL. Obviamente no te vas a hacer rico pero, puedes hacer algo de dinero extra que puedes gastar comprando lo que quieras.
En la parte izquierda de tu pantalla haz clic en “AÑADIR FONDOS”, luego haz clic en “MONEDAS A DINERO” y transforma las monedas que tienes en dinero. Luego haz clic en “RETIRAR DINERO” y sigue las instrucciones y recibirás tu pago a través de PAYPAL.


This is an interesting job because several requirements come together at the same time. This client had a WordPress domain for blogging and a store to sell online (in addition to the physical one) in Prestashop.
The main problem with a domain change is that you need to redirect all URLs from the old domain to the new URL. These redirects (301) through the .htaccess file have no technical difficulty, but keep in mind that a 301 redirect does not transmit 100% of the authority, so we will lose positioning strength if or if with the redirect. How much authority is lost? In each web will be different, but if you are curious, here you can see a study where the loss of link juice was measured. Another problem we found is that all the links accumulated up to that moment were transmitting strength to the old domain.

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