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Hostalia’s hosting is very bad and I do not recommend it to anyone. Although my site did not have many monthly visits, it always passed the limit and my site stopped working. Just now they have changed the server where my site is without redirecting it and without saying anything. The result of this: you can’t access my site. I wrote them 3 days ago and they have not solved the problem. Buying a hosting from Hostalia is a waste of money.
They don’t listen, they have no empathy. They know how to make you feel bad. From a technical point of view… well. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. The speed is nothing to write home about. In the past they worked relatively well. Keep a close eye on the charges (there could be surprises). I recommend you look for better options.
The service they gave me was lousy: I had several problems with the hosting and they didn’t help me to solve them. I ended up very disappointed with them and I unsubscribed as soon as the contract expired. I would not trust them again.

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Before rushing to sign up with them, read our review and opinion of Hostalia, a company that did not leave us with a good taste in our mouths, especially the support and customer service when we used them for the first time.
Hostalia offers plenty of web space in all its plans. In this sense you can not blame anything.for some time now, all their plans come with SSD disks, which was not the case before but they are already updated.in the Unlimited and Unlimited Pro they offer unlimited space.today we see it as essential that the web space disks are SSD and not HDD.
A point in favor is that they offer unlimited and unmetered transfer, ie, you can have all the traffic you want that in principle will not limit access to your website by much traffic you have.
Except in the most basic plan, where they only offer 2 databases, in the rest of the plans you have enough to use and more than enough for your projects. In this sense they are also quite well served.

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They have a remarkable variety in the services they offer you. Shared hosting and dedicated servers are some of the excellent services offered by Hostalia. It is a reliable company dedicated to the smooth running of their services offered.
You can use cPanel on all the hosting services available with Hostalia. As well as WordPress, which can be pre-installed upon request. You can also work with the Linux operating system.
You must take into account that the space offered in Hostalia’s plans will be destined to the hosting of your files. For the proper functioning of your website and for web applications that you want to install.
You will have unlimited monthly data transfers in all the services you have with Hostalia Hosting. As we have mentioned in this Hostalia review the features offered in the plans are very good.

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