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In any SEO strategy we find the need to use tools to search for keywords. The problem, especially for freelancers or companies with limited budgets, is that many of them are paid.
It is a process that aims to identify relevant keywords to position your web pages in search engines, taking into account your business and the users you are targeting. The main goal is to find keywords that bring visits and, therefore, improve the traffic to our website and generate conversions (registrations, purchases…).
Using the first option we can enter keywords and the keyword planner will show us suggestions of related words and their metrics. For example, if we use this option to search for the keyword “inbound marketing”, the tool provides us with the data of the keyword but also of related keywords.
Found is a tool that allows you to find new keywords from the combination of several words. Its main advantage is that it makes the combinations automatically and, therefore, it will save you the time of doing them manually (which could be a lot).

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Searching for keywords is a process that may seem long, but it is effective to position your website in search engines, in addition to optimize your articles and generate more organic traffic.
Sometimes the results are different from those of other similar applications, so I recommend you use several to contrast results and see if it is a good idea to use a long tail keyword before you start writing.
If you use Chrome on your computer, Keyword Surfer is an extension that will be very helpful. And if you have used Keywords Everywhere before, you will notice that its operation is very similar, with the advantage that Surfer does not charge you.
The results of this tool are surprising, since what it proposes directly are results that could well be the titles of articles on the searched topic.  Here is an example with the star request: “search for keywords”.
You have the possibility of creating negative and positive filters, that is, to associate certain results or eliminate those that are not of interest to you. Take a few minutes to explore the options, as you will find interesting ideas.

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The operation of a keyword search engine is very simple: you just have to enter the keyword of your interest and let the tool return a list of suggestions based on it.
Although we have already mentioned that there are many keyword search engines on the Internet, it is important to make sure that you are using reliable tools that provide you with the right information, since the success of your web project depends on it.
You can apply positive and negative filters to refine the results, as this tool is capable of displaying hundreds of keywords and many of them will probably not interest you. As you can see in the image, it has been able to find more than 1,000 words from “women’s shoes”.
The outstanding part of this tool is the visual way it displays the data. They are divided into five blocks: questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical order and related, so you will find literally dozens of keyword ideas.

keyword search engine

Keyword analysis is the beginning of your SEO strategy, choosing the right keywords according to your objectives is basic in your planning. This is because by not defining phrases that are relevant to your brand you would be wasting your time, positioning those that do not get the traffic you want; or you could be using your time in vain, with keywords that have a high level of competition and difficulty.
Some of the tools mentioned below provide keyword ideas based on which you can do further research. Others offer complete analyses of these keywords. Combining several of them will help you strengthen your strategy.
You may be interested in: How bounce rate affects SEOThat is, if you are going to talk about digital entrepreneurship, write down all the terms you can think of that are related to the topic. Later you will use the tools to analyze those options and find new ones.
There is no definitive process for keyword research. As you try, you will find the best way to find the right terms. Use these steps as a starting point and adapt them to what works best for you.

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