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If you’re an experienced WordPress user, you’ve probably heard of Genesis, an amazing and powerful theme framework created by StudioPress (Copyblogger Media). This review will explain exactly what Genesis is and the features that make it a fantastic WordPress theme. If you haven’t heard of Genesis, this review will help you get up to speed – let’s dive in!
Genesis is by far one of the most flexible WordPress themes and that’s the big selling point. If you’re comfortable with the WordPress linking system and building PHP functions (even basic ones), you’ll see how flexible Genesis really is. With most themes, users are limited to customizing their website through theme options panels and widget areas. Genesis, however, provides a complete linking system that allows you to insert any content you want virtually anywhere on your website. For example, let’s say I want to insert an Adsense ad block after my post and author box, but before my footer. Genesis has a hook called genesis_before_footer this will allow me to plug in at that exact location and add my code. I can even be fancy and use certain terms if I want ads to only show in certain areas of my website (i.e. blog posts only). This is just one example of how Genesis customizes with code instead of options. With simple code, your control over your website increases exponentially.

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In the IT field, a framework can be translated as an application framework, an application base or a software structure. It consists of different components that will serve as the basis for a final architecture.
Within a WordPress theme, the framework could be illustrated by the logic between a Parent theme and a Child theme. This second one will be chosen as the parent theme and depends on the first one which must always be installed simultaneously. This configuration allows the parent to be updated without having to overwrite everything we would have modified in the child.
Genesis was started by Brian Gardner and released in February 2010. The lead developer of the project is Nathan Rice. These two players are already well known in the WordPress community, which facilitated its launch. Brian was one of the first developers in the United States to create “Premium” themes.
This is an important point as soon as a custom project is undertaken. Note that all Genesis code is audited by Mark Jaquith, the leading WordPress security expert. You will also see in the developers section that the approach used for modifications greatly reduces coding errors.

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Registering sidebars programmatically and then using conditional logic to properly assign them to any particular topic location can be a complex task for a beginner. Therefore, if you want to have diverse and relevant sidebar widgets for different posts or pages, by using simple Genesis sidebars plugin you can do it effortlessly with Genesis framework. Simple URLs Simple URL plugin is a complete URL management system that allows you to create, manage and track outgoing links to your site by using custom post types and 301 redirects.
In other simple words it helps you mask your large and unnatural affiliate links by looking at short and simple URLs and you can even track the clicks on each link. SEO Data Transporter We all know how difficult it is to change themes or dump plugins, when you are about to change the SEO plugin, it becomes very difficult to transfer the data of SEO entries from one plugin to another. SEO Data Transporter facilitates this task. Just choose the platforms used by moving away from, and the platform you want to move to. Click “Analyze” to see which records and items are supported and click “convert” to do the conversion.

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When I started with websites and being a blogger, like many, I gave too much importance to the template or theme with which to work and install in WordPress, but after a couple of months I understood that the best way to start is to use a free theme and, in particular, those that come by default with WordPress.
With experience, I was able to determine the features I required from a theme and this led me to conclude that the StudioPress theme, the Genesis framework, is the best alternative for WordPress.
But it also facilitates your own understanding of how the website is structured, which leads to an interest in customizing it on your own, if you want to take customization to the next level.
Although Corinne called me “Christopher” (my name is Christopher, not “Christopher”), I was very grateful for the response, as she told me exactly the line of code I needed to modify to make the change I needed! It’s details like this that make your life easier and make your day.

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