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Hoy en día, es posible aprender cualquier nueva habilidad gracias a los medios digitales como las aplicaciones para aprender a programar o los canales de YouTube que enseñan al usuario a hablar en inglés o a dibujar. En YouTube también hay canales que enseñan SEO al usuario y que permiten conocer todos los secretos de esta disciplina:
-Romuald Fons: El canal de Romu Fons es conocido por los amantes del SEO, ya que es uno de los más polémicos y también de los más divertidos. Romu es un gran SEO, en su canal es posible encontrar mucha información, para todos los niveles y para todo tipo de SEO, desde cursos básicos de SEO, SEO para YouTube e incluso para podcasts.
– SEMrush: Además de ser una de las herramientas SEO más completas, SEMrush ofrece tutoriales SEO para todos los niveles. En este canal aparecen algunos de los principales referentes del SEO mundial, ofreciendo sus conocimientos en masterclass y vídeos formativos.
-Webpositer: Webpositer es una agencia española de SEO y marketing digital con un canal de YouTube que ofrece mucha información sobre posicionamiento en buscadores y otros temas de marketing digital. Ofrece mucho contenido en forma de clases, formación técnica, tutoriales y entrevistas.

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He is one of the heavyweights of the SEO world and everyone knows his blog He is a webmaster who lives from his own websites and who started from the bottom (he comes from the world of SEO copywriting and has been climbing to create a company and have his own employees).
In this course you will learn from the most basic concepts to more advanced strategies in the different areas of search engine optimization. In addition, David Ayala is an expert in link building (off page seo), so you will have plenty of content in Training Rosa.
Although, in reality, TeamPlatino is more of a private community of SEOs and webmasters who are dedicated to all types of monetization, with a special emphasis on Black Hat (without leaving White Hat aside).
It is also very notable that resources that are normally paid for are offered completely free of charge and that, along with the purchase of membership, a multitude of discounts on tools are included.

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Our clustering technology creates visual, dynamic, and embedded content in a dynamic way.15% more page views.Improves positioning by optimal distribution of link juice and page rank.Channels traffic flow more efficiently.Improves UX by offering the right content above the fold.Automatically updates clusters whenever new content is added to your website.Creates a pure silo architecture. Automatically updates clusters, whenever new content is added to your website.Creates a pure silo architecture.
Orbital Theme uses the native features of WordPress:It is much lighter (only 3 megs).All the settings you make remain, even if you decide to change template.No lines of code are added, no short-codes, preserving the optimization.Change your way of conceiving the design before it’s too late!Since 2015, mobile traffic has surpassed desktop.Our way of surfing the Internet has adapted to smartphones and tablets, and is even influencing how we navigate on our computers.

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And all this under the baton of Romuald, a very smart guy who has created a character that is 100% marketing (in a good way). He has an agency, called Big Seo, a membership site, Armada Digital, and new projects are sure to come from his hand.
Few SEOs are as technically savvy as Luis M. Villanueva. You won’t see him dealing with basic topics, which you will find in other spaces. He only deals with the more advanced part, which has to do with the architecture, crawling and indexing of a website.
And he does it based on experimentation, and always showing examples and tests that he has done in a kind of almost permanent laboratory. He is part of Webpositer, and apart from his channel, you can find on Youtube numerous talks and conferences where you can listen to his knowledge.
Of course, it is better if you have a base of what SEO is, if not, you will be a bit lost. Luis M. Villanueva doesn’t mince his words, and his quick way of expressing his deep knowledge is well known.    We warn you, you’re going to have to watch his videos again to assimilate everything he introduces inside.

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