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If the answer to some of these questions is “yes”, this article will interest you. I’m going to recommend some resources in the form of YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, newsletters, books or people to follow, which will help you both to learn and to keep you informed of the latest news in the SEO industry.
Private clubs go beyond paid courses. By becoming a member (paying the respective fee) you can access a community that not only offers training (either in the form of tutorials with videos, audios, articles…), but also resources and extra features such as internal forums, mentoring with their creators or private tools, either custom-made or in collaboration with market applications.
Your progress will depend on your profile, your previous knowledge and skills since you will need to know and assimilate technical concepts of computer networks, the technologies used to build web pages, server configuration, marketing, content architecture, copywriting, etc.

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The best advice you are going to take away from this article today, besides an endless list of resources to learn SEO, is not to get obsessed with training (infoxication), put it into practice, it would be useless to do all the courses that I present here today if you finally do not get in front of a website and apply your knowledge.
So in this article I intend to give some light and my personal opinion on the best resources to train you as SEO, what has served me may not work for you because we are not the same profile of person, but it can guide you to choose better.
 Complete courses – Its main advantage is that they have a closed agenda and generally range from the most basic to the most advanced, also have a support in which to consult your doubts, if you are starting I recommend at least one of the courses listed in this section because they will help you to have a good base on which to expand your knowledge.
 Youtube Channels – The saying that all the information is on the internet has a lot of truth in Youtube, there are billions of videos explaining something, even if you search on the breeding of African snails. And in SEO and Marketing it could not be less, although you can find a high percentage of videos that will waste your time, if you follow the channels that I recommend below you will have access to quality material.

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La misión de Surfer es apoyar a todos en la entrega de los mejores y más relevantes contenidos y elevar la calidad de la web. Creemos que los resultados de marketing y la satisfacción del usuario van de la mano, y que nunca se debe sacrificar uno por el otro.
Miles de especialistas en contenido, SEO y marketing utilizan Surfer para acelerar su marketing digital. Con los algoritmos inteligentes de Surfer, encontrará rápidamente las mejores oportunidades de contenido, creará una estrategia de contenidos para meses venideros y escribirá páginas atractivas basadas en directrices basadas en datos.

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