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Basic Guide SSL Certificates What is an SSL Certificate? It is an electronic identification that guarantees users that the website they are visiting is secure and authentic, which generates trust among users.
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Note: Some types of SSL/TLS certificates (such as EV) require you to perform some additional actions. You may need to respond to a phone call or email and submit the necessary documents in order for the certificate authority to validate your request.
Once the SSL/TLS certificate is installed, the Websites & Domains > your domain > SSL/TLS Certificates screen will display information about the installed SSL/TLS certificate (name, certificate authority, email address, etc.), the protected components and other options (such as “HTTP to HTTPS redirection”, among others).
In order to ensure that your website is continuously protected, it is imperative to renew the installed SSL/TLS certificate immediately when the time comes. The SSL It! extension makes it easy for you…
Now, when your paid SSL/TLS certificate expires, SSL It! will issue a free SSL/TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt automatically for the protection of domains, subdomains, domain aliases and webmail belonging to the subscription. At the latest, this will happen one hour after the expiration of the SSL/TLS certificate.

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Who has not encountered such a message? This article tries to tell the experience of publishing online my web project believing that having a free certificate would be enough to just giving the relevant instructions to potential visitors would be given permanent solution and would be admitted as safe access to my website by such visits. But I am afraid that only to cause to a visit this impression of insecurity would scare them away, in addition the modern web applications have to fulfill some requirements to operate correctly and this could only be the cause of not doing it.
When I had installed in my portal, as anyone who has it, a free SSL certificate, it shows us a message of not secure site and probably this forces you unlike the paid ones that your visitors must install the root certificates of the issuing entities of the same to see it as a secure site (the first screenshot in this article shows how to download it from my site, passing the url with the path to it, while the visit still sees the message of insecure site).

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Cada visitante realiza alrededor de 2,68 páginas vistas de media.Según las estimaciones de tráfico de Alexa, hostalia.com se sitúa en la posición 6.735 en todo el mundo, mientras que la mayor cantidad de sus visitantes proviene de España, donde ocupa el puesto 3.464.Perfecto para hostalia.com que su centro de datos (proporcionado por la empresa acens Technologies, S.L) esté situado en España, ya que eso permite a la mayoría de los visitantes reducir el tiempo de carga de la página.
McAfee evalúa a hostalia.com por un conjunto significativo de amenazas de seguridad. Se revelan los peligros más destacados, desde las molestas ventanas emergentes hasta los troyanos ocultos, que pueden robar su identidad. McAfee no analiza hostalia.com por contenido maduro o inapropiado, sólo se evalúan los controles de seguridad.
El WOT calcula la reputación de hostalia.com. Este sistema de reputación recibe valoraciones de los usuarios e información de terceras fuentes, evalúa las características de seguridad de hostalia.com y confirma si hostalia.com es adecuado para los niños.

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