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But, in reality, it’s like the others, at least on a technical level. Yes, I know that emotions are stronger and even more so if the blog is yours, as in this case. Nerves, excitement, joy and… some fear, too.
You are going to be read for the first time. You go into battle with a heavy heart, hoping to make a good impression, but without breathing until someone says something. What will that first comment be like? What if they don’t like the topic you have chosen?
I’ve debuted several blogs and I’ve been through that first blog post several times before. But doing it for clients is not the same as doing your own or the one your company has commissioned you to do.  So, to reduce all your stress, or almost, and help you focus on how you should write that first blog post, let’s review the formal and technical aspects behind it.
Obviously, there are some guidelines that the big G sets and to which we should adhere, if we want our articles to rank in the search engine. But you don’t have to replicate what you see in other blogs. For example, in the first post of a blog you can already mark the style of images that you want to define it.

How to make a personal blog

So much so that JJ Redick is ranked No. 15 in league history among all players with the most career three-pointers made, trailing only LeBron James, Damian Lillard, James Harden and Stephen Curry of those remaining active. White race shooter.
The moves continue to happen in the NBA before the kickoff of the season. And one of the teams that seems to be adrift and in need of new faces is Portland Trail Blazers. With the presence of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum in the roster, at least for the moment, surrounding them in the best possible way will be key and that is the intention of the Oregon franchise.
In the NBA, it matters a great deal how the experts and the league rate players and franchises, and the Boston Celtics feel mistreated in that regard. As it does every season, Sports Illustrated makes a selection of the top 100 players in the competition, and left out of that group are two men the Massachusetts franchise feels should be there – Al Horford and Robert Williams III. Their non-inclusion has been perceived as a lack of consideration and respect for both players and the team.


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